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I've been listening to more podcasts since my original post on the topic, and I thought I'd list out some more interesting ones:

    Provided links are directly to the RSS feed
  • BFBS G3 and Multimedia - British radio rebroadcasts about gaming and technology, mostly made up of interviews. Monthly.
  • Engadget - Phillip Torrone provides news, commentary, and how-to's in an intelligent and easy to understand manner. ~Weekly.
  • Matthew Bischoff - This 13-year old geek does a great job of providing summaries of new software and web services in a very professional way. You can also sometimes hear him Skype in to the Linux Link Tech Show and offer his Windows box to be hacked.
  • ICMRaw - A weekly podcast showcasing Independent Christian Music, which have mostly been in the CCM and Arena Rock vein, though there have been some gems.
  • Lifespring! - A Christian podcast with local interviews, commentary, and music.
  • The Godcast Network - Serves as a one-stop shop for Christian podcasts, including ICMRaw & Lifespring! mentioned above, as well as the Living Word podcast which simply provides a daily scripture reading. You can subscribe to the main feed, or a feed for individual podcasts.
  • Rip & Read - Daily news from a conservative angle.
  • Today's Podcast - Word of the day, usually with an in depth history.
Wow... that seemed like a lot, and there are actually a few more I usually listen to.

In the future, as more people start using this technology to provide content, I'm pretty sure I'll end up having to be more selective. As it is now, there are only a few podcasts where I download every show -- I usually look at the description first to decide whether I think it will be interesting. I should probably also start making a list of podcasts that I don't like, so I don't accidently waste my time on them later...
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Thanks for the reference to "Lifespring!" 
Hi, Steve Webb here. Nice to know you enjoy the podcast. I hope you find it helpful/informative/entertaining! Let me know if you have any comments or questions for the show. I'm always interested in feedback. stevew@caltem1.org
-Steve Webb
2005-01-05 00:16:27

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