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Rooting the LG Optimus V in Linux
I'm putting this together because I had a hard time finding the bits and pieces of info I needed to root an LG Optimus V in Linux, and I was hoping I could direct others to the sources of information I found most helpful...
  1. Download the Android SDK. You'll also need to launch the manager ("android" in the tools folder) and download the platform-tools package, which contains adb.
  2. I don't know if it's necessary or not, but this page has some instructions on restarting the adb server to be able to use it as a regular user. Note that the commands should action be "./adb kill-server" and "./adb start-server"
  3. This post has some instructions on pushing and running the psneuter exploit. I grabbed psneuter out of the SuperOneClick package. Note that the instructions for remounting the filesystem differ from the Optimus-specific instructions I found, so I only link this page for the psneuter instruction.
  4. The most comprehensive post I found specific to the LG Optimus V was here. It's basically a copy of a post from AndroidCentral, but you don't have to register to use the links. There's also a zip file attached to this page containing the "su" and "busybox" files you'll need to push. Use steps four and five from this post.
Using these instructions, you should be able to successfully get permanent root access to your Optimus V in Ubuntu Linux.

(Note that there's always a change you'll brick your phone by doing something stupid, so using any of the instructions posted or linked to in this post are completely at your own risk.)
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Things to do in Cleveland in 2011
Last year, when the Cleveland Scene Magazine came out with their annual issue of best things to do in town, I clipped out some of the ones I wanted to try. I didn't get to many last year, and I'm tired of having a bundle of newspaper clippings paperclipped together in my drawer, so I decided to post them here and cross them out when I'm do them.
[LINK] [0 COMMENTS] 2011-02-19 20:46:38 EST

Using Twidge to post random #FollowFriday (#FF) tweets
I was trying to decide who to select for my #FF tweet this week, and couldn't really -- I follow each person because I like them, so anyone could be eligible. So, I thought it would be fun to have a shell script where Twidge could grab my list of followed people, select a number of random names, and then tweet out the result. I came up with this (all one line):

twidge lsfollowing | shuf -n 6 | while read line; do echo -n " @$line"; done | cat <(echo -n "Random #FF:") /dev/stdin | twidge update

It could use some improvements, but it should do what I need it to. I threw it into a batch file and pointed crontab at it to run it automatically each Friday morning.
[LINK] [0 COMMENTS] 2010-10-16 16:20:21 EST

Upgrading MythTV Server to a Gigabit NIC
I have an Atom-based Foxconn R20-S4 as my home server, which is also my MythTV backend. I've been slowly upgrading my network components to Gigabit, and found a deal on a NIC from Meritline with the necessary short bracket. I'm running Ubuntu server on the box, and I had to edit the /etc/network/interfaces file to add the new interface. I switched my router's DHCP settings to use the new interface, and everything seemed to be working fine -- until our PS3 couldn't find the MythTV UPnP server. The MythTV wiki had the fix, which was to add a route to the new interface (route add -net eth1).
[LINK] [0 COMMENTS] 2010-04-28 20:58:10 EST

States Visited Map Upgrade
I finally upgraded the States Visited Map to use a database on the backend, so I can finally easily show a count of the states I've visited, as well as split out where Heather and I have been, or show them together, color-coded. I'm at 27 including DC... only 24 to go!
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