Recently I've been hearing more about Podcasting (People making audio file broadcasts available through RSS feed enclousures, for automatic download and transfer to an iPod or other audio player). I've been downloading a bunch manually, and transferring a few over to my horribly outdated Rio Diamond 300 MP3 player which I got for better than free a few years back, and has a measly 32MB of storage.

Anyway, the whole concept is pretty neat -- people provide news, opinions, and instruction through mp3 files. You decide what you want to download, and when you want to listen to it. I'm planning on picking up a new mp3 player pretty soon, so I thought I'd get a jump start on finding out which podcasts are actually worth listening to. A few that I've enjoyed thusfar are:
Two of the main software products used to download the podcasts also include directories on their websites: iPodderX Directory and iPodder Directory.
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