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Things I Fit Into the Matrix
I've always loved the cargo area of my Toyota Matrix... it comes in very handy during Saturdays of garage sales or auctions. A few times I've been surprised by how much we've fit into it (note that all of these also include a passenger):
  • A dryer
  • 2 medium-sized bookshelves
  • A large, 3-drawer lateral filing cabinet, 5 nine-inch security monitors, 3 CCTV cameras, a large UPS, a large letter opener,7 large boxes of laser toner, 12 monitor glare screens, and 2 heavy-duty staplers
  • Multiple box lots won at auction
  • A treadmill, a short but wide bookshelf, and multiple boxes
There are only a couple of times I can remember where the Matrix couldn't handle what we tried to put into it:
  • A regulation-size ping-pong table
  • A large (tall) bookshelf while leaving room for a passenger
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Cargo Mat
Upon the advice of someone on MatrixOwners.com, I purchased a treadmill mat for the cargo area of my Matrix. It's a $20 rubber mat designed to go under your treadmill to prevent it from slipping, and fits from front to back with the seats down, and almost all the way across. I poked some holes through the end with a utility knife, and fastened it down with some of the cargo pegs. Hopefully I'll have some pics soon...
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Although I haven't been active there for awhile, in the past I found MatrixOwners.com to be a great resource for Matrix owners, and a good community of the same. If you own a Matrix, or are considering it, I would recommend at least checking it out...
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My Matrix
This page will be updated with changes and information about my Toyota Matrix. (more...)
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