Year over Year
I just looked at my list of 2007 posts. It looks like I had four posts in January, and then four more throughout the rest of the year. Hrm. I'm doing slightly better so far for 2008, so here's hoping I'll actually have something interesting to say. Which I don't suppose would include this post...

The whole reason I started looking at my archives was to find the "Tools I Use" post, which I didn't realize I had written over two years ago! I guess time flies when... um...

I wanted to write about a few of the quality "tools" I've bought or received as gifts that I really enjoy, even though they may have cost more than other versions of the same item. For example, I love my Wüsthof Classic knives. They feel great, they work great, they look great, and they should last for many, many years. I have an 8" Chef's Knife, a Paring Knife, and a Sausage/Utility Knife -- those three tackle almost any cutting job in the kitchen. Every time I use one of these knives, I enjoy the craftmanship, something that never happened with my old knives -- but it's something that makes me appreciate that sometimes you have to spend a little more to get the best value (which hurts a little to say, since I consider myself relatively frugal).

I think I'll just stop with that one example for tonight, since it's getting late...
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it's been a month! 
let's see those updates!
2008-03-13 17:43:15
You're not the boss of me. 
I do what I want.
2008-04-11 20:42:24

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