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I was reading through volume 3 of Make Magazine the other day, which has an article with The Ultimate Tool Buying Guide [Note that the link points to a narrative, not the actual list]. They rate the tools according to necessity, and I found it interesting that I had never been in want of some of the ones they ranked highly. So I thought about my short list, and thought I'd share it:

4-in-1 ScrewdriverDon't dismiss it as a novelty, these things work and are really useful. I have a nice Grove City College one that I've used for years, and just picked up a generic one on the cheap from the local discount store.
Needlenose PliersReach more places than bullnose pliers, and most have a wire cutter built in.
Wire StripperA nice one, with different slots for different wire sizes.
MultimeterHow did I ever get by without a multimeter?
Leatherman MicraNot always the best tool for the job, but will be the best tool you'll have with you all the time. It's small enough to fit in a watch pocket, and has a very nice pair of scissors, as well as a knife, flat screwdriver, flat Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, and more.
Cordless DrillFor drilling or driving screws.
Soldering IronFor projects or repairs, this is a necessity
Electrical TapeVersatile
Gaffer's TapeAlmost as strong as duct tape, but doesn't leave residue

Of course, there are others I use often: Compound Miter Saw, Dremel, Drill Press, Sawzall, Hammer, etc... but the ones in the table above are the ones I find myself reaching for the most.
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