October is Ending
Hope you all had a great October. I figured I'd post something up before the end of the month... so here you go:

Heather made me turn on the heat before November this year... apparently 54 degrees (F) is too cold for indoors. We're still going to try to keep the thermostat at a max of 62 degrees. In related news, 62AllWinter.com is still available.

I think I posted about six months ago how I was connecting a printer to my computer and somehow fried my motherboard. Apparently I didn't learn from my mistake, as a couple of weeks ago I was connecting a different printer the same computer (with new motherboard) with a different cable, and it also died (not as spectacularly, but it was dead nonetheless). I was lucky enough to find a local warehouse that had an inexpensive replacement in stock, and I'm sending the busted ones back for repair.

It was pretty rainy at the beginning of the week and Ziti (the bigger dog) pulled her tether stake out of the ground. I went to the pet store and bought the heaviest duty stake they had, brought it home, and screwed it into the ground. Unfortunately, I cut through the underground cable supplying power to the garage. Fortunately, there was a GFCI outlet in the circuit, so I didn't electrocute myself. It took me 45 minutes in the dark and rain squatting in front of an outdoor out let box to disconnect the garage power feed so I could reset the outlet and plug the garage door opener into an extension cord.

Due to some reorganization at work, I'm moving to a new team with a new manager. It looks like it's going to be a good opportunity for me, and I'll probably be able to work on a variety of things, which I really like.

I recently picked up some security cameras on the cheap, and built a power supply for them. Now I just have to buy some BNC cables, figure out where to mount the cameras, and run all the cables. Right.

Sadly, it seems that garage sale season is pretty much over for the year. I'm really going to have to get a high speed Internet connection now, so I can get my eBay on.

That's all the news that nobody cares about that I can think of right now. Peace out.
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