New Favorite Firefox Theme
I have a new favorite theme in Firefox, Whitehart. It's very clean and simple, and looks super-fantastic. Here's a screenshot:

Thumbnail of Whitehart screenshot - Click for full image
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[LINK] [2 COMMENTS] 2005-01-27 13:33:44 EST


not much into themes myself, anymore... however, a good friend of mine pointed me to a sweet FTP plugin for firefox. FireFTP -> http://fireftp.mozdev.org/ you may have already seen it or posted about it...but i'm to lazy to search your archives at the moment.
2005-02-21 23:15:06
k, so i lied. i did search and i found your post about firefox extenstions. weatherfox/forecastfox is very sweet, i downloaded it.
2005-02-21 23:25:05

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