Merry Two Days After Christmas
I took a half day on Thursday last week, and took the whole day off Christmas Eve. We spent plenty of time with family, which is always nice, and got to see some relatives up from Alabama and North Carolina.

I got some great gifts, including a 17" LCD monitor with DVI input and a 16 ms response time. I also got the Platinum Series Extended Edition of LotR: Return of the King (which completes my set), and The Ultimate Matrix Collection (which thankfully came out just before I was going to buy all three Matrix DVD's separately).

As if those weren't enough DVD's to try to find time to watch, I also got the Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Season (36 episodes) and Heather got Pirates of the Carribean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Special Edition 3-disc set).

I'd figure out how many hours that is, but I won't. It is 4+10+6+3 DVD's worth. Of course, I guess that's not much compared to the Star Trek Complete Sets that Chris wanted (okay, so I secretly want them too...)

I received some other great gifts, but it seems kind of materialistic to list them all out, so I won't (right now). Hope you all had a great holiday!
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sounds like a pretty good load of loot ;-) the lcd looks pretty sweet, very nice specs. don't worry i didn't get any star trek episodes...i got lots of other cool stuff instead. including Nintendo GameCube and Mario Power Tennis, I've been trying to bring back the days of old ;-D so if you're in the neighborhood Boo is waiting for you...
2005-01-04 00:29:25

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