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To parse the feeds for display on my page, I'm using LastRSS, which puts the feed into an array, and lets me avoid messing with stacks. It's a free, open-source PHP class.

I also use Abilon as an aggregator. I really like it -- it updates at intervals, and you can set it to only show you updated items from each feed. It also includes an integrated tabbed browser.

Before I found Abilon, I used RSS Reader Panel in FireFox, because I like the text balloons with the description, and I like it better than Sage, which replaced it.
[LINK] [2 COMMENTS] 2004-10-20 16:13:12 EST


Thanks for the tips, I'll check those out. So far I've settled on Magpie, and that seems to be working for my audioscrobbler listings.
2004-10-21 17:01:57
Hey Dave, it's you. Check out http://musicthing.blogspot.com/atom.xml
2004-12-18 17:37:26

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