Public Access Points Rock
Our Public Library recently created a Wi-Fi hotspot, which I am using right now. As a home dial-up user (DSL isn't available, and I just haven't brought myself to pay $50/month for cable), it's really nice to be able to come here and abuse the library's. I've been wanting to download the FreeDB database, so I don't have to dial up everytime I try to rip a CD (I'm currently trying to go through all of my 450+ CD's). I also wanted to download a few program and game demos.

I'm still enamored with the possibilities broadband will bring to my home automation endeavors, as well as home entertainment. Plus, the general ease of research would be greatly increased. Lastly, Heather is constantly trying to find things and download things for school, and often complains about the speed. But $50/month? At least? That's $600 a year... Anyway, I'm sure I'll talk myself into it eventually... just not today.
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