Pretzel Recipes
So I was looking for a pretzel recipe. Heather had found one in one of her girl magazines, and the pretzels turned out more like bagels. I tried one from the Joy of Cooking (old version), and the pretzels turned out more like sugar cookies. So I turned to the web.

I had heard that Epicurious had a large selection of recipes, so I tried there first, and found one for New York Pretzels. But I figured there must be more recipes somewhere, so I went to AllRecipes.com, which even has a special bread section. There were quite a few pretzel recipes there, including Mall Pretzels, Buttery Soft Pretzels, and Soft Pretzels.

Last night I made a half batch of the Mall Pretzels, and they came out pretty well. I also referenced a recipe with the same ingredients but slightly different instructions called Auntie Anne's Pretzels Copycat. I would definitely make these pretzels again, as they were very tasty, especially when warm.
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