Chris Dohring
I was looking through my website logs, and saw some links from ChrisDohring.com, a friend of mine from college. And I didn't even know he was keeping an up-to-date website. Anyway, thanks for the link, Chris. It made me think that I should probably have some area that links to people and places that I know, instead of just having posts that do it. Of course, that also means I have to dive back into the messy PHP I used to build the site...

...So instead I just used a non-expiring news item. That'll do for now...
[LINK] [1 COMMENT] 2004-10-01 12:58:32 EST


no prob, dude. i like the "latest post" deal at the top of the site. nice touch. i'm still a web coding wussy, hence why i use wordpress - cuz it's easy. nice to see you've still got the skills. peace.
2004-10-16 22:18:29

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