Desk Garden Update
Well, the desk garden/cubicle garden is mostly dead. I guess I kind of lost interest in it... The potato got quite large outside of the soil, but recently withered, and I'm pretty sure the actual potatoes are rather small. I did get a lot of basil leaves from the basil plants, but nothing from the pepper, cilantro, or chive plants. I'll try to remember to take my camera in and get a picture of the current status -- it might be easier to see what it looks like if it's not a picture taken with my phone...
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gardening is fun... 
Hey Dave, saw your comment on the bass pond...just wanted you to know you're welcome to come check it out whenever you drop by buffalo. (there should be updated pics on the weblog tonight, although the water's still a little cloudy) However, keep in mind that it shares a basement with my 25 or so pythons...some people just aren't fond of reptiles... I liked the cube garden shots...I'll have to upload some photos of my tech-jungle here at work... You should update your home automation stuff...it looks pretty cool. Ever do anything outside of the lighting?
2004-10-05 16:10:14

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