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The idea of bringing some of my newfound gardening interest to the office came when I realized my Basil wasn't going to do too well in our <62 degrees F house, when it needed 80. The availability of a fairly constant warm temperature, as well as an abundance of fluorescent lights encouraged me to try a few seedlings on my cubical shelves. Here are a few (low res) pictures:

In the first picture I have some Basil, Lettuce, Oregano, and Cilantro seedlings. Behind those in the black tray are also Chives, Jalepeno, and Italian Parsley. The second picture is a planter which currently contains some onions and a potato, although I'm not sure how well the potato's going to do in such a shallow container. As the seedlings grow, some will be added to the planter, some will be added to a new planter, and some will be taken home for planting.
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You are my hero for doing things like this.
2004-03-25 17:05:22

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