New House!
We're finally moved into our new house! We had a lot of help from friends and family, so everything got done pretty quickly. We're still unpacking, of course, and there are some things we need to buy in the next couple of weeks/months (like a couch... and a dryer...), but we're living in our very own house! I'll be sending out an email soon to friends and family with our new address and phone number, so watch for that...
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hi dave. It's Justin. How goes it. You should bring you're Djimbe (sp?) on Sunday so you can pound out the phat beats even when Jason is there. Page is lookin good. Peace out jigga. swimmingwithangels@hotmail.com
-Justin Markert
2003-06-23 01:29:38
Hehe, looks like you have two fans posting on your weblog now buddy. I was getting lonely, but no longer!
2003-06-25 16:47:16

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