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I don't really have a specific topic in mind, but since I actually remembered to write a post, I'll just do it...
  • I bought nothing from the last Woot-off.
  • Last year we bought a few bags of Legos from garage sales, and didn't put them together until a couple of months ago. They were actually almost-complete sets, including a Sith Infiltrator with Darth Maul minifig. I had forgotten how neat Legos can be, and the Star Wars sets are a lot of fun. (Batman sets are fun, too)
  • I picked up a fisheye lens off of Craigslist for my D70 (and D1X). It's fun.
  • Heather and I just finished six weeks of weekly ballroom dance lessons. They were pretty fun, but I don't know how much I'll remember when we're actually dancing. Oh, and no, we don't watch Dancing with the Stars.
  • I'm trying to clean up the media room. Really, I am.
  • I finally ordered a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router to hack around with. Hopefully I'll get it all set up soon and save some on some electricity costs since I won't have to have my 350MHz IPCop box powered up anymore.
  • I'm almost finished with the guitar speaker cabinet my Dad and I built. I have it stained and varnished, and the the speakers are installed. I just need to find a suitable plate to mount the jacks so I can wire it up, and then I'll probably add a grill to the front to cover up the not-quite-round holes I cut for the speakers...
  • I'm planning on seeing The Clone Wars movie in the theater... maybe the Saturday morning matinée on 8/15? Anyone want to come? Anyone?
I can't think of anything else right now, and I'm kind of tired of looking up links. So long, friends.
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for you new wrt54gl...just in case you haven't stumbled on it yet, definitely check out Tomato. i've been running Tomato for a good 6 months or so, totally rock solid. huge step above the pretty much completely outdated DD-WRT that I had been running for the last few years. lots of sweet features and easier to configure. http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato speaking of that looks like i need to update to 1.21 ;-) i love my wrt54gl...
2008-08-01 23:12:32

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