Fall and Winter
Winter came early to Northeast Ohio this year. Like last year, I had to turn on the heat in October, instead of waiting until November like usual. We've had some warmer weeks since then, but it's been raining a lot of the time. Between the weather, the early darkness, and other obligations in the evenings, we haven't gotten outside to do yard work very often. Yesterday, I got home at 3:30 and mowed/mulched, raked, and scooped up leaves until 6:15. It was pitch black. And now I'm very sore.

Well, enough complaining. I was reading a Lifehacker post about beating the winter-time blues. There were some interesting suggestions -- a lot of them involved exercise and trying to get more sunlight exposure, or taking up a winter sport (which I guess gives you exercise and sunlight). If you use an RSS feed reader or RSS-capable home page (like the Google Personalized Homepage), Lifehacker's a great feed to add. Oh, and if you use the Google Homepage and the Google Calendar, you can display a very useful and customizable Calendar feed on the Homepage.
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