Nintendo Price Drops
I'm looking forward to the impending release of the Nintendo Wii (11/19/2006), but I was thinking about waiting until the first price drop before I bought it. The $250 launch price might be cheap compared to the Xbox360 and PS3 prices, but it's still pretty expensive to me. I looked up the price changes for the Gamecube to get an idea of when the price might drop:

Date Reason Package Price
11/18/2001 Launch price Console, 1 Controller $199.99
05/21/2002 Undercut Xbox & PS2 Console, 1 Controller $149.95
09/25/2003 Increase sales Console, 1 Controller $99.99
(From my own research, and verified by Wikipedia.)

Unfortunately, it looks like the reason for the price drop only six months after release was to undercut the Xbox and PS2. I don't really see either of the next-gen (or is it this-gen?) systems dropping to $250 anytime soon. I guess I'll wait until I actually play one (thanks for offering, Bart) before I decide...
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