Debian Linux on a Compaq Armada 7770
Well, I've pretty much gotten everything installed and running well in Debian on my Compaq Armada 7770. The 233 MHz processor is a little underpowered, but the 144 MB of RAM keeps things from slowing down too much. I had a little trouble viewing some windows on the 800x600 screen with both Gnome panels open, so I consolidated everything into the top one, and it's been working well. I'd take a screenshot, but it's pretty boring.

The only thing I haven't been able to get working yet is ALSA sound. From what I've read, the automatic setups don't work very well for the card in this laptop, so that could have something to do with it. I guess I can just look at it as a learning experience...

One thing I've really enjoyed in Linux is being able to do so much from the command line. In fact, I'm writing this post in w3m, just for kicks. And writing shell scripts has been a fun way to automate tasks. And the whole sparse interface is great for a slower machine such as this...

** Update @ midnight: I got the sound working, after doing a manual "modprobe snd-es18xx". It works fine playing wav clips, but hung the entire system when I tried to adjust the volume during mp3 playback, and also hung when I tried to play a video. It could just be limitations of the machine, but I'll have to do a little tweaking to find out for sure. Right now, I'm just happy to have some sound! **
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