Possible Site Redesign
So, I've been thinking that whenever I get a good chunk of time to devote to the website I'll have to give it a facelift. I've been thinking of going with a hand-drawn theme, and sketched up a couple of possible headers/logos...

(Click on thumbnail for the big picture)

Let me know what you think...
[LINK] [2 COMMENTS] 2006-07-14 21:00:41 EST


I like! 
I like the idea's. Maybe each ray could be some sort of link to a different place on your page that highlights on mouse-over. I think you can do it quite easily on Adobe Imageready which I sketchily have installed on my computer. So let me know if you want help image mapping and stuff. Or if you just want to use the program.
2006-07-15 03:18:50
I agree 
Barts Idea was preety good. And it sounds relitivly easy and would look great. Good luck with it Dave.
2006-08-23 22:26:40

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