So, I haven't written any posts for a bit, and it's not because I haven't thought of anything to say -- I've just been really busy lately. Heather and I started helping out with the Senior High Youth Group at church, we were taking a class on Blue Like Jazz, and are busy with the worship team three days every other week. Sometimes I really wish we lived closer to the church -- sometimes we're there five or six days a week, with a half hour drive each way.

But enough of my whining and excuses. I would like to take the rest of this post to put forth a challenge. I propose a "Mario Meltdown Trifecta", in which I will compete against those friends who feel they are up to snuff in the following:
  • Mario Kart: The first three courses of the first cup
  • Mario Tennis: One three-set match on the regular hard court, no power shots
  • Super Smash Brother Melee: Three matches to three stock knockouts, played on the Pokemon Stadium, Corneria, and Termina - Great Bay
Each video game will be counted as one point, for a maximum of three points. The one with the most points wins. All three video games must be played, no matter what the score is after the second game, for detailed scoring purposes.

If I lose, I will buy you two tacos from Taco Bell. I will also post here (and, consequently and coincidentally, DaveIsALoser.com) that you have bested me, and what the final score was. So, who thinks they're man (or woman) enough to take the Mario Meltdown Trifecta challenge?
[LINK] [3 COMMENTS] 2006-03-19 22:17:14 EST


I'll take you down son.
2006-03-28 12:44:38
Na-Uh, You Didn't! 
You don't want to call me out, Dave. You do not. Oh, and what system(s) are we talking here?
-Mike C
2006-03-29 14:16:17
Bring It 
Justin, I accept your challenge. Mike, I definitely want to call you out. The challenge was conceived with the gamecube games in mind, but if you'd like to add some others to spice it up, I'm game.
2006-03-30 01:25:28

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