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AvantGo gets the boot
Because AvantGo recently decided to limit subscribers to custom channels at 8, I recently changed my offline Palm browsing program to the free Plucker. I simply copied the URL's from my custom AvantGo channels into my Plucker homepage, and those worked great. Plucker takes up much less space than AvantGo, although it does lack the online browsing and form submission features.

I ran into a problem, however, when trying to get the MyYahoo! channel's URL, as apparently Yahoo! and AvantGo have some kind of deal. After some searching I found this link which seems to be the same as the avantgo channel. In my searching, I also found some lists of palm-formatted links here, here, and here.
Posted by djmjr @ 08:55 PM EST

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The yahoo portal link doesn't work any longer. Suggestions?
Posted by Paul @ 04/30/2002 09:52 AM EST

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