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I finally got all this log set up on my new server... I'm now hosted through GNXonline, which I've heard mixed reviews about, but they were cheaper than anything else I found, so I'm giving them a try. Anyway, I'm broken away from the silly namezero forwarding service, and now have a real domain, so from now on djmjr.com is where it's at.
I've avoided posting anything in the past month in anticipation of the move... I had backed up all the files from my old site, and didn't feel like having to do it again...

Anyway, the log should be updated more often now... as if anyone cares. So that's the story. The rholog might end up being hosting on a CWRU server... if that's the case, I'll put a post up here so anyway can check that out.
Posted by djmjr @ 03:58 PM EST

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