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Wednesday, February 28, 2001
It's almost time for break to start. That's good. I can't take much more of this school stuff right now.
posted by David Miller 2/28/2001 12:17:19 PM -LINK-

Foreign Music Video
I almost forgot... I found the above link earlier on It's rather funny.
posted by David Miller 2/28/2001 01:55:27 AM -LINK-

I'm still up doing homework. It looks like program 2 is another one I'm not going to get done for Data Structures. What the heck is wrong with me? I also have 3 other assignments I need to get done for tomorrow. I don't feel like writing any more.
Except this: (mini) break starts tomorrow after class.
posted by David Miller 2/28/2001 01:42:32 AM -LINK-

Monday, February 26, 2001
National Hand Tests Back Day
I'm pretty sure it's National Hand Tests Back Day, since I've gotten 3 back. They got progressively better, but unfortunately I don't have any more classes...
posted by David Miller 2/26/2001 04:14:11 PM -LINK-

We got our exams back in Data Structures today... I didn't do great, but I passed. So that was a relief... now I just need to get passing grades on everything else in there...
posted by David Miller 2/26/2001 09:32:07 AM -LINK-

Sick is dumb
I'm sick. It's dumb.
I didn't do anything this weekend. Heather and I were both sick. We watched a few movies.
I've been doing homework most of the night. Homework, like sick, is dumb. Data Structures and Operating Systems, with both assignments involving programming in that dreaded language (the third letter of the alphabet with two addition operators after it). Grr.
posted by David Miller 2/26/2001 01:00:20 AM -LINK-

Friday, February 23, 2001
Update for Why?
I thought I should update, but I don't really have a good reason. I got up at 7:30, and decided not to go to Data Structures. The prof's not going to be there, and the one filling in is my Operating Systems prof, so I figured I'd just stay here and study for the quiz I have in that class at 10. A dirty quiz...
posted by David Miller 2/23/2001 09:14:08 AM -LINK-

Rhos and Sleep
We voted on the new Rhos tonight. It came down to multiple recounts (reminded me of a certain election...) and a revote on the last few guys. I really hate having to reject people. This time it was a guy who came to all the activities and reminded me a lot of myself. I didn't go down and get the rest of the guys on the hall, cause I didn't want to have to see his face when he found out. It still sucks thinking about it.
A lot of good guys did get in, though, so that's good.
I attended a lecture tonight by Marvin Olasky, the editor of World, and a professor at the University of Texas. He's also coined the phrase, "compassionate conservatism", and is an advisor to President Bush. He spoke on the issue of government funding for faith-based charity programs. The phrase he used was "Christophobia", citing the fact that people were afraid to have anything to do with the church, whether a program is effective or not.
I have a quiz in O/S tomorrow. I need to get some sleep.
posted by David Miller 2/23/2001 01:23:18 AM -LINK-

Thursday, February 22, 2001
Homing Pigeon Information
Honestly, homing pigeons have never interested me. Does that make me uncultured? At any rate, I found this link because they have a Palm wireless PQA (called "PigeonPeople") advertised on the Tucows Palm site which allows you to find other pigeon lovers by searching the "Pigeon People Database".
There's also a FAQ to give you some info on pigeons (which I found out by reading are just large doves... but maybe I already knew that...)
I think this is odd. But somehow I'm strangely attracted to it...
posted by David Miller 2/22/2001 05:54:42 PM -LINK-

Atari's on Ebay
I got outbid on the River Raid auction, and once the price was over $4 with shipping I decided to drop out. It's an Atari game, for goodness sake. Anyway, I found Another Auction for it and bid on that ($0.01 so far)... so here's hoping...
While I was there, I thought it would be fun to check out the current value of Atari 2600 systems... I was surprise (having received an Atari 2600 Jr. with a load of games for free, and having bought a 2600 with controllers, case, and games for $3 this summer) that some auctions for similar systems get over $50. I told Eric to stop playing Seaquest so I could sell that badboy. He told me to keep my hands off it or he'd kill me. Harsh.
posted by David Miller 2/22/2001 04:16:06 PM -LINK-

Palm Vx Static Killer
Here's a page from a guy who fried a chip on his motherboard from simply placing his Palm Vx in the cradle. Apparently there was enough static built up that it traveled through the cradle and to the serial port, and, when not checked there, fried a chip on the mobo. I hope that doesn't happen with my Palm V. I don't think I'd like that much...
Anyway, the article goes on to tell his experience with the (less than adequate, as I've heard) Palm Customer Service. Poor guy.
posted by David Miller 2/22/2001 12:47:48 AM -LINK-

Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Grove City on
I was checking out the ol' Mr. Happy page on, and noticed the link under location, so of course I clicked it. I found some interesting artists, including:
  • Dr. Throckmorton (Director of college counseling), whose songs have my Freshman RA (Andrew Heffner) on backup vocals.
  • Chris Rhoads, who often plays at the local coffee shop
  • Whizbang and the Happy Jingos says under the artist history section that they were "Formed in a small western pennsylvania college town back in 1992". The picture on the page is taken outside of my dorm (Hopeman), by a window on my hall.
  • Weatherfield brings some powerful emo from Grove City. This band definitely has some talent. Jeremy Shaw on guitar and vocals.
There are also a couple of local high school bands listed. It was pretty interesting to me to find this stuff... I wonder if anyone's found the Mr. Happy site and has wondered what the heck was going on... I wonder that every time I visit it.
posted by David Miller 2/21/2001 11:23:41 PM -LINK-

River Raid
Eric requested that I get River Raid for the Atari, since it was one of his favorite games. So he looked it up on E-bay for me and found one for $1 with $1.75 shipping. Currently, I'm still the high bidder, but I have 2 days left, so we'll see...
posted by David Miller 2/21/2001 09:02:14 PM -LINK-

E-mail Etiquette 101 - Tips For Better Communication On-line
Found this on NewsBlogger, which I just installed the IE Explorer Bar for. It's pretty nice, and the ability to browse news articles in the main pain is pretty nice too. Anyway, this article has some pretty good tips on writing emails, concerning do's, don't's, and privacy. Read up and send better emails...
posted by David Miller 2/21/2001 08:04:34 PM -LINK-

Tuesday, February 20, 2001
I watched Comedy Central's Battlebots tonight. What a great show. Robots beating each other up in an arena full of hazards. Great fun!
Anyway, the main match was for the Super Heavyweight Finals... It came down to Atomic Wedgie and Disector. Disector was victorious, after pretty much crippling Atomic Wedgie's drive system...
posted by David Miller 2/20/2001 11:39:15 PM -LINK-

Quiz Blues
I got my first Research Methods quiz back today. I bombed it. It made me sad. I knew I hadn't done well, but I was hoping for at least a C... Grrr...
posted by David Miller 2/20/2001 04:50:35 PM -LINK-

The Puppets
I did another search for the puppets show again today. For those not familiar, there was a short film which appeared on MTV's Cartoon Sushi a couple of years ago, featuring 3 puppets who lived in an apartment. The landlady comes to collect the rent, which they don't have, and things get messy. Who would've known that the landlady would know kung-fu? Anyway, the clip was super-funny, and we had actually been lucky enough to record it on the VCR. Unfortunately, Jeremy unwittingly taped over it. Mike and I bring it up at least monthly, but he doesn't seem to feel very bad about it. Grrr. Anyway, since then I've been searching online for a copy of this, and have come up dry. So, if anyway knows ANYTHING about this short, or has even seen it, I'd love to hear from you. We think it was entitled "Rent", it was on Cartoon Sushi, there were puppets in it, and a landlady, and it was funny. Help, please!
posted by David Miller 2/20/2001 12:24:27 PM -LINK-

I thought I'd mention that the script to choose whether or not links should open in the same window (which can be found HERE) is also a Bookmarklet, which means you can drag it to your favorites, and apply the change to any page you visit by clicking the link. Pretty neat. The Bookmarklets site has a ton of these things. Fun stuff.
posted by David Miller 2/20/2001 10:12:12 AM -LINK-

Hell, Fire & Brimstone
My Research Methods professor, Dr. John R. Hamilton, gave the chapel sermon this morning. His topic was Hell, with a focus on the growing belief that ALL people will eventually be redeemed. I didn't even realize that people believed that there is a temporary Hell, and it seems rather anti-Biblical to believe such a thing. I guess some people get so wrapped up in trying to make God into their version of a "loving God" that they forget that He is also a just God.
posted by David Miller 2/20/2001 10:03:45 AM -LINK-

Blogger How-To
I made a few updates to the page after browsing through the Blogger "How-To" section. The following changes were made:
  • I made permanent links for each post, which link back to the archives.
  • You can now choose whether links should open in the same window or not
  • There is a search box which will search the DJMJR site
  • posted by David Miller 2/20/2001 12:49:08 AM -LINK-

    Monday, February 19, 2001
    I brought the ol' Atari 2600 from home yesterday, and hooked it up today. Plenty of pixelated fun was had by all. Kaboom, Pitfall, Pacman, Q*Bert, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Seaquest... yes, it's all here...
    posted by David Miller 2/19/2001 07:10:20 PM -LINK-

    Apparently, the few strangers that have visited my site have come through the Yahoo search engine, with the keyword "drawling". The odd part is, the posts with that word in them have already been moved off the main page and into the Archives (This 2000.12 archive, specifically). Unfortunately, I must not have added the proper tags to my archives to have them be searched...
    posted by David Miller 2/19/2001 07:03:23 PM -LINK-

    Sunday, February 18, 2001
    Wedding Planning
    Yes folks, it can be tedious. On Saturday Heather and I (and mom and dad) went out and picked out the tuxes for the wedding, picked up the Bridesmaid's dresses, and picked out a cake. It was a tiring day, full of wedding planning activities. Tiring, I say.
    Saturday night Heather and I watched the Princess Bride and Robin Hood. I hadn't seen either one for awhile, and since Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorite movies, it was nice to see it again.
    I just made an AvantGo channel for my Dorm Automation page. Fun stuff, that silly AvantGo. I also updated that page to match the format of this one.
    posted by David Miller 2/18/2001 10:01:37 PM -LINK-

    Friday, February 16, 2001
    For any reader with any kind of device running the Palm O/S, I have included a link to an AvantGo channel for this page in the sidebar. Pretty cool, huh? AvantGo, if you don't know, is an application that allows you to sync up web pages. Many sites (including Yahoo!) have specially designed, customizable pages. Be aware, though, that this application and the pages you sync take up a substantial amount of memory (it's using about 450 Kb on mine right now).
    Also, if you haven't noticed, there's been a link to convert this page to Palm DOC format for awhile now. You'll need a document reader (such as the freeware CSpotRun) to be able to view it.
    posted by David Miller 2/16/2001 09:31:03 AM -LINK-

    I Don't Swear
    The test is over. I was working on it all the way up to the end of the period, and didn't get some parts done. I have no idea how I did. I'm hoping I passed. I really want to pass.
    I did end up getting up at 7 today, but it hurt. I was falling asleep in the shower and while I was studying. I'm not sure it did me any better than my normal wakeup time of 7:15. Funny, that.
    posted by David Miller 2/16/2001 09:12:54 AM -LINK-

    I'm turning in for the night. I'll get up at 7 and study some more. I hate studying.
    posted by David Miller 2/16/2001 02:14:52 AM -LINK-

    I just fell asleep on my desk twice.
    posted by David Miller 2/16/2001 01:21:53 AM -LINK-

    Yeager Test
    Tomorrow at 0800 hours is the first exam in my Data Structures class. I hate that class. With a passion. You would think that the professor (or the administration, for that matter) would catch on that there's something wrong when a quarter of the class drops each semester, and hardly anyone gets over a C. But nope, it's the same every year. Really, all I'm looking for here is a "D". A "D-" will do. I just want to pass and get out of here. It would be a real bummer if I didn't pass. Just to give you an idea, the list of test objectives for tomorrow's test is 4 typewritten pages long. That's four. And not just simple little things. Things like "Be familiar with the C++ interface and implementation of the List ADT, as given in file List.h.". And that includes memorizing all the code for it. And a million other things we learned about. Well, I must get back to my pointless studying...
    posted by David Miller 2/16/2001 12:46:32 AM -LINK-

    Thursday, February 15, 2001
    Happy Birthday, Mike!
    It's Mike Campanella's Birthday! Little Mikee's 22 today!
    It's also my friend Melody Scott's birthday!
    Oh, and yesterday was Matt Waddell's birthday (I forgot to tell him happy birthday)!
    Oh, and November 27th is coming up faster than you think (that's my birthday, silly)!
    posted by David Miller 2/15/2001 11:10:45 AM -LINK-

    Windows XP by NerdPerfect
    This review seems to agree with my sentiments about the Windows XP opperating system. Now, I like to skin my WinAmp, and it's even fun to skin IE (WebBlinds) every once in a long while... but this new candy-coated OS just rubs me the wrong way. As the article mentions, it seems that their goal was to make the OS more obtrusive... instead of letting the programs be in the forefront. Prettier does not mean better. What it does mean is more overhead, more intrusion, and more things that can go wrong. Grrr.
    posted by David Miller 2/15/2001 01:36:18 AM -LINK-
    In Research Methods in Communication on Tuesday, the professor brought in an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dealing with that odd dialect dubbed Pittsburghese. Being from around Cleveland, Ohio, I've noticed many of the mistakes those silly Pittsburghians (Pittsburghers?) make when they talk... and for goodness sake, it's a shopping cart, not a "buggy". Anyhow, the article also mentions the link referenced in the title of this post (, which endeavors to help people both learn and understand Pittsburghese.
    posted by David Miller 2/15/2001 01:18:52 AM -LINK-

    Wednesday, February 14, 2001
    Freeware is cool
    I'd like to take the time to list 3 freeware tools that I use all the time, and that are excellent substitutes for shareware:
  • Irfanview: This is a graphics viewer program plus everything else. Besides viewing just about every image or animation type out there, irfanview allows fast resizing, basic image manipulation, slideshows, thumbnails, and a super long list of other stuff. In addition, you can use FilterFactory plugins (convertable from Photoshop plugins) to do an endless number of effects.
  • Gimp for Windows: This fantastic port brings all the GPL goodness of the Gimp to the Windows environment. This program rawks for all your image editing and creation needs. This is what I use for all my logos and any other kind of heavy duty editing. Layers, filters, you name it, the gimp's got it!
  • PowerArchiver: Goodbye, Unregistered WinZip. Say hello to PowerArchiver, for all your archive needs. ZIP, CAB, LHA, TAR, GZIP, etc., etc. You name it, this little program's got it. I don't know where'd I'd be without my PowerArchiver!
  • posted by David Miller 2/14/2001 07:27:17 PM -LINK-

    Valentine's Day
    Yes, it's Valentine's day, and yes, I will be 2 hours away from my fiance the entire day. That stinks.
    For some Villaintine's Day fun, you can send an email to someone from the Cartoon Network Villaintine's Day Card Page. There are some pretty funny ones, including one with Zorak from Space Ghost saying "UR A Loser".
    Today Colin decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with toasted bread by making the sandwich and then putting it in the toaster. It didn't work so well (surprise, surprise), and they actually had to remove the toaster from the cafeteria and open all the windows to try to dissipate the cloud of smoke lingering on the ceiling... funny stuff.
    posted by David Miller 2/14/2001 07:12:43 PM -LINK-

    Tuesday, February 13, 2001
    ACME License Maker
    This silly site lets you create a custom license plate graphic from the state and year of your choosing. Neat, huh? Here's what a custom Ohio Wildlife license plate would look like: (click to see page)
    posted by David Miller 2/13/2001 11:51:11 PM -LINK-

    WebAttack offers tons of software for download, which is sorted by Shareware/Freeware/Adware. I only use freeware, so I really appreciate the site. I originally came here when I was looking for a good personal web server, cause they have a ton... but they have so much more, too. They pretty much stay specifically with web design/browsing/serving tools, but that's just what I like. Check it out.
    posted by David Miller 2/13/2001 12:40:33 PM -LINK-

    Friday, February 09, 2001
    I didn't get my program done in time. That's a bummer. I turned in what I had done, with a promise of the completed program ASAP. I hope I don't get too many points off. It's going to be a little hard finding time though, with all the assignments I have due next week. Grr.
    I get to see Heather today!
    Hopefully this weekend the sample wedding invitation will get to Heather's house, and we can go ahead and get those ordered. I still need to reserve the tuxes, and call the church to set up the last counseling appointments, so they'll let us get married there.
    posted by David Miller 2/9/2001 08:46:51 AM -LINK-

    Thursday, February 08, 2001
    Schoolwork, CD's, Weddings, and Open Houses (not in that order)
    Last night was open house for the Rhos. It went alright. At one point there were about ten guys in our room filling out applications. Craziness.
    I have a Data Structures program due tomorrow, which I failed to complete the last two times I took the class. I really need to get it done... I also have a "mini-midterm" for Comm Tech today. It's over powerpoint, so I don't think it should be too tough, but I'll read over the book just in case. Thirdly, there's a programming project due in O/S on Monday. I'm not sure my partner knows exactly how bad I am at programming...
    I started burning some things to CD in order to free up harddrive space. I haven't done that for awhile. Mostly media stuff, that take up a lot of space and don't mind being archived.
    Heather and I should be ordering our wedding invitations very soon. We picked out which one we think we want, and sent away for a sample of it, which hopefully will come very soon. A week from tomorrow will be four months till the wedding. Wow!
    posted by David Miller 2/8/2001 08:55:29 AM -LINK-

    Tuesday, February 06, 2001
    Blogger Problems and other stuff
    Apparently, and its parent company, Pyra, are in a bit of financial trouble. Blogger had to lay off all its staff, and is now being run soley by the owner. Go figure. So who knows how long this will last. Maybe it's time to go looking for a weblog program I can use...
    Classes are going alright, but it's getting into a tough week, with a test coming up on Thursday, and a program due for Data Structures on Friday. We also have Open House this week to try to get new members in the ol' Tri-Rho housing group. We actually get to have it on the first day of Open Houses this year, instead of the last like usual.
    posted by David Miller 2/6/2001 10:32:07 AM -LINK-

    Thursday, February 01, 2001
    The Annual Extravaganza is tomorrow. Last year we turned the 20-some year old Tri-Rho Dance Extravaganza party dance into The Extravaganza: A Semi-Formal Affair. But it rocked. I was head of the music committee last year, and did the DJ'ing for the dance, and am making a repeat appearence this year. Last night we made up the songlist, and right now I'm trying to get all the MP3's, CD's, etc. together so we can put this thing on tomorrow.
    We're getting the PA equipment from Pianos N' Stuff, which is where we got it last year. 2 18" subs, 4 15" mains, 2 amps, a mixer, and a CD deck should do it.
    Heather's coming for the dance, so I'm excited about that! Hopefully I'll be able to leave the DJ'ing in someone else's hands for half of the dance, so I can dance with her.
    posted by David Miller 2/1/2001 08:27:50 PM -LINK-

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