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Wednesday, January 31, 2001
I'm in MIS right now, and since the prof had us bring our laptops, I figured I'd take a moment to post. The class isn't too terribly exciting anyway...
I'm going to try to sell my used books to the book buyback people today. I checked online, but I don't think I'm going to get much better prices there.
Chris (2 seats away) just sent me an email using SpamMimic, which encodes your messages to look like a spam message. It's pretty funny. Then the recipient can go to the website and decode it.
posted by David Miller 1/31/2001 02:18:14 PM -LINK-

Monday, January 29, 2001
I hereby resolve never again to eat quiche prepared by Bon Appetit food services. I am writing this during my third unpleasant trip to the restroom since lunch. So be it.
posted by David Miller 1/29/2001 07:55:17 PM -LINK-

The Panorama Factory
Last Thursday night I set the ol' tripod up in the middle of the room and took pictures all around. I tried pasting them together in the Gimp (Windows version, since I'm a Linux techno-wussie), and it looked pretty horrible. So I went out software hunting and I found a piece called "The Panorama Factory". This amazing software takes your photos, figures out where they match up, corrects the color, warps them to fit, and can even slap the result into a Quicktime Panorama, as can be seen in the final result of my efforts (1.59 MB zip file contains a Quicktime .mov pan). Actually, as I mentioned, there was hardly any effort at all. I'm considering buying this program (depending on how many pans I actually plan on doing), it's that good. Try it out.
posted by David Miller 1/29/2001 12:00:27 AM -LINK-

Sunday, January 28, 2001
I had a fun and not fun weekend. Heather's dog, Pebbles, died on Friday, so that was not fun. I also just found out that my dog, Reed, had a stroke on Friday, and hasn't been able to walk since then. That's not fun either...
Otherwise, I had a pretty good weekend. Heather and I got to go to a Book Sale at the Salem library, and I ended up getting 5 hardcovers ($2.50). Most of them were on employment or business stuff. We also saw the 1998 movie Primary Colors (John Trivolta) Friday night and Cast Away (Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt) Saturday. I enjoyed Cast Away. Primary Colors was alright, but the swearing was far overdone.
posted by David Miller 1/28/2001 11:32:50 PM -LINK-

Thursday, January 25, 2001
Mario Tennis
I hope whoever invented this game is very rich... Whenever I walk into Jeremy and Mike's room there's always someone playing Mario Tennis. And hey, I can see why. It's an addictive little game. Why, you ask? I propose to you that the trashtalking is what makes this simple tennis game the homework-basher that it is. Phrases such as "Power it up!" and "What up, bowse?" suddenly become insults. So what's the next step? Why, a Mario Tennis tournament, of course! I'm playing singles (Donkey Kong Jr., or DKJR, as I like to call him) and doubles with Jeremy. And I'm ready for some victories...
posted by David Miller 1/25/2001 07:14:13 PM -LINK-

Ugly Tricked-out Vans
Found this on NerdPerfect. This is some of the worst abuse of motor vehicles I've even seen.
posted by David Miller 1/25/2001 12:55:44 PM -LINK-

Saturday, January 20, 2001
I'm back at GCC now. Had some Domino's pizza for dinner, and spent most of the night trying to get all my computer cords and cables untangled, and installed my new KVM switchbox. I'm not too impressed so far. The video output is looking pretty shabby (I'm going to try rearranging the cables, but I don't think it'll help too much), and one system occassionally goes crazy while the other one crashes. Not fun. The whole purpose was really to make life simpler...
I installed my camera (finally), after a little trying. But it's all good now.
Ben came back tonight, too. He got a Palm M100 for Christmas, so now we can beam things to each other. Yee-haw.
I talked to Heather tonight... I get to see her tomorrow after registration! Woo-hoo!
Jeremy brought back Mario Tennis for the N64. It's pretty addictive. Too bad I don't have much game-time this semester...
posted by David Miller 1/20/2001 01:54:34 AM -LINK-

Thursday, January 18, 2001
Well, my time at home is winding down. Yesterday was my last day at OPT&SM (a division of University Hopsitals). We went out for lunch (a stinkin' 2-hour unpaid lunch) at a Chinese Bistro down the street called P.F. Chang's. It was a little odd since everything was served family style. The food was good, but I was quite surprised that there were no Chinese people working there. None of the hostesses, none of the cooks... one of the servers, but come on, it kind of spoils the authenticity.
I went to the bank today to get my finances in order to pay for college. After that I went to mom's appointment with her, and helped with the baby she babysits.
I'll be back at school tomorrow, sometime in the late afternoon/evening. It'll be weird to be back at school, especially since it's the last semester (hopefully). And what a semester it's going to be... 18 credits with 3 of the being a class I've already dropped twice. Well Yee-haw anyway.
posted by David Miller 1/18/2001 05:01:18 PM -LINK-

Tuesday, January 09, 2001
Alright... now that I have that out of the way... I bought an 8 MB SmartMedia card, some rechargeable batteries (and a charger) and a camera case on Saturday from Target with gift cards. I got another set of rechargeables yesterday from RadioShack with my $10 Gift Certificate from Digital Convergence's security glitch. I'm still looking for a cheap serial smartmedia reader or something else so I can get the pictures onto my laptop.
I haven't heard from Jeremy since before his eye surgery...
Work is okay. I have about a week left. It'll be nice to be back at school. I'll miss the folks and hate the work, though.
Heather had to leave today. I like when she visits. Go figure.
posted by David Miller 1/9/2001 11:58:51 AM -LINK-

Friday, January 05, 2001
I tried to update a couple of days ago, but when I published the post it messed up and got deleted. Go figure.
Anyway, I ended up purchasing the Fujifilm Finepix 1400 Zoom from on Sunday. It got sent out Tuesday, and I got it on Wednesday. I was very pleased. I got it for $240 shipped, which was the best price I could find. I've played with it, but haven't been able to download the pictures to my computer for lack of a USB port on my laptop. So I'll either have to get some kind of card or wait till I get back to my tower at school.
Jeremy is getting laser eye surgery today. He said he's excited and scared at the same time. That's understandable. If my eyes get bad enough I might consider it, but I really really really hate the thought of someone cutting into my eyeball. On the subject of Jeremy, I found out that Abby's fiance, Tony Ferguson, went to school with Jeremy (Perry), and actually knew him. Small world, eh?
Work is going fine. I got in 30 minutes late today cause of the traffic and the weather. Ugh. I don't think I'm going to stay an extra 30 minutes, cause I get to see Heather today, and I also don't want to have to deal with rush hour.
posted by David Miller 1/5/2001 01:49:18 PM -LINK-

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