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Monday, March 20, 2000
I had a nice weekend with Heather. Last night I stayed up with her and a bunch of kids in her youth group stuffing envelopes to raise money for their summer missions trip. We were up until 4:30 AM, but we got all 6,000 envelopes stuffed for the Beloit Fire Station. That's a lot of envelopes.
Before that we stopped up at Malone to visit Abby and so I could fix her computer. Yeah, and I did a little research at the library for my Modern Civ paper on Voting Restrictions. It's not really the easiest topic to find info on.
I'm really tired right now, mainly because of the aforementioned staying up late, coupled with the now-to-be-mentioned getting up at 8:00 AM to get a shower before all the girls did. Yep.
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Thursday, March 16, 2000
Got my midterms yesterday. Two B's, a B-, and an F in Finance (oh, and an F in Data Structures, too, but I'm dropping that). Fortunately, I'll be getting extra credit for a Finance homework assignment, bringing my grade up to a C- fairly quickly.
Got my materials today for scheduling next years classes. Argh. Good 'ol GCC. Hopefully I'll be able to fit a communication minor in along with my Business/Computer Systems Management major.
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Wednesday, March 08, 2000
Finance test is tomorrow morning at 8. I'm not feeling good about it at all. Argh.
We had our first IM Bowling game today. We didn't win. I got a 112.
Nothing else really. More to come in the next day (or so).
posted by David Miller 3/8/2000 01:09:23 AM -LINK-

Tuesday, March 07, 2000
Oh, also, upon the request of Eric Douglas (, a forum has been added to the site! Feel free to post anything you feel relevant!
posted by David Miller 3/7/2000 02:17:48 AM -LINK-

Yeah, so I haven't updated the weblog lately, huh? Sorry about that! Not like anyone reads it anyway... it's more for my own record, I guess...
Anyway, as a brief summary: I am definitely going to have to drop data structures and am currently looking for somewhere to take it over the summer or online so I won't have to find a ride to Slippery Rock next year. No luck so far! I'm doing better in speech. I got an A (minus, I think) on my last speech. More on school, I have a finance exam on Wednesday and a midterm in speech on Friday.
I got my first paycheck yesterday for my dishroom job. Not much, but it's nice to have a little income. I'm still looking for an internship for this summer.
I've been saving up gift certificates to get a Palm IIIx, and in the last couple of days they ran out of stock of them. I'm really hoping they get them back, because besides my gift certificates from FreeRide, I started earning money on, which doubles your earnings if you spend it at one of their retailers.
Speaking of online merchants, I've had much trouble from trying to get them to fix my incorrectly billed invoice. I used a gift voucher on my order, which they acknowledged in the confirmation email I received, but they neglected to include that on the voucher. Grrr. So, 3 phone calls, an hour and a half on hold, and an email later, and I have yet to see the money credited to my account. NOT COOL.
On happier news, we had our "Spring Break" this last weekend. It's actually just a long weekend... our real break comes before Easter. It was nice to see the parent's and relax a little. I should have gotten a little more work done, but... I did end up going to the Cleveland Art Museum and the Youth Dinner Theatre with Heather and my parent's, though, so my cultural growth should count for something!
Anyway, that's all for today. If anyone has actually read this, please let me know at this address. Thanks.
posted by David Miller 3/7/2000 02:13:28 AM -LINK-

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