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Monday, February 14, 2000
Nope, I didn't do too well on the data structures test. I'm almost definitely going to have to drop the class. Not fun.
Had a nice weekend with Heather. Lot's of Taco Bell, some volunteering, and some PowerPuff Girls.
I have to give an oral interpretive reading for speech class tomorrow. I picked an excerpt from The Visitation by Frank Peretti. I just hope nobody else picked the same thing.
Bad news on the house situation for my parents... apparently the couple that was buying the house backed out after the inspections were done on the house. The septic system that was put in when the house was built (60+ years ago) isn't up to today's code (even though it works perfectly fine), so it needs to be replaced ($6,000). Not good news. Heather and I are going to visit this weekend.
Ben's about to leave for work (gravel lot, night shift) and I'm about to go to bed. So yeah...
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Thursday, February 10, 2000
Big test tomorrow in Data Structures. I'm not going to do too well. If anyone out there know an online data structures course I could take, let me know! I didn't have class today, since my professor (I only have one class Tues/Thurs) was at a conference.
I was told of a nice little proggie today, called Zone Alarm, which provides free firewall protection for DSL and Cable modem users, and has a couple of nice features. Try it out, yo!
We had a brief Rho meeting tonight to discuss where to stay for our Spring Party trip to Toronto. Yup.
Oh, and I work in the cafeteria* tomorrow for dinner, since Chris is leaving for the weekend.
*Note- The page linked here was the first thing that came up when using the phrase "Grove City College Cafeteria" with MSN Autosearch
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Wednesday, February 09, 2000
I hurt. The aftershock from lifting on Monday is still with me. I guess I'm a little out of shape...
We lost our B-Ball game tonight by 3 points. We were playing the best team in the league (12 players) with a limited team (6), so I think the fact that we gave them a good game was good enough. I took a charge pretty hard, but hey, I took a charge.
Cru (weekly on-campus meeting for Campus Crusade) was good. I only got there for the last half an hour, but we were watching a video on the transformation and revival of a town in Cuba which was once infected with drug lords. It was a really good film.
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Check out the route trace from a server in Fairfax, VA to the site! The trace was obtained from the Visual Route site. Check it out!
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Tuesday, February 08, 2000
Today was a bit busy. Classes went alright. I'm feeling a little sick, probably because my roommate has been all weekend.
I went lifting for the first time in a long time today. I probably wouldn't have gone if I didn't have someone to go with.
I had to keep score for an IM game at 6, and then play in 1 at 7. We won by more than 10 points, which is pretty good for us, even though we're in the next to lowest league. IM Bowling signups are going up soon. That's always a fun time.
At the Rho meeting tonight (10:45) we decided to go to Toronto for our Spring Party.
I've also been out finding some more pay-to-surf and do other things sites. There are quite a few out there, nowadays. I should have links up to them soon, so stay posted. I also should have a comparison spreadsheet up soon, as soon as I clean it up and format it into HTML. I'll probably just end up using the Excel "Save as web page" command, or whatever it is.
Looking at the last post, I have much fewer links in this one. Sorry. It's late and I just don't want to go around to look up sites that relate.
Test season is coming. Yuck. The next couple of weeks will be a little tough. Yep. That's all for tonight...
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Sunday, February 06, 2000
Another weekend has come to an all-too-quick end and I am back at GCC. Heather and I stopped in Sharon to see my parents and pick up my Social Security card (I need it to get paid for my new job in the Hicks cafe...), since they were there for a couples retreat with the church on Friday.
Not much exciting happened during the weekend besides selling my wrecked Maxima to 82 Autowrecking for $150. Argh. Oh, and it turns out the tow on the day of the accident (by Davidson's in Salem) cost $125. So I got $25. Yippee.
We also went to visit my sister, Abby, at Malone College after watching Heather's little cousin Ryley (sp?) for a bit.
We went to church this morning at Beloit Friends, and after stopping at Taco Bell and Wal*Mart (sorry, Melody). I got dropped off at school and Heather had to go practice for worship for the evening service.
And that brings us pretty much to now. I updated the Pictures page, adding tables and another pic. Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it, now belongs to me, FREE, courtesy of NameZero. So hooray for that! All mail for the site should be sent to Thanks!
posted by David Miller 2/6/2000 09:50:53 PM -LINK-

Thursday, February 03, 2000
Got off the phone with my parents a couple of minutes ago... I'm probably going to see them tomorrow, since I'll be going to Ohio and they'll be going to Pennsylvania at about the same time.
I got my yearbook picture taken today. Woo-hoo.
A friend emailed me with a link to which claims it will be giving out $20 to $100 an HOUR for viewing full-screen ads. Sounds like a deal to me! They have a start date of February/March 2000, but you can sign up now. Be sure to check out the other sites I have listed to make some cash on my LINKS page!
I talked to my insurance agent today about my future insurance dealings. What a hassle.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2000
Data Structures was horrible this morning. Not a big surprise, really. That program due on Friday is near impossible. Argh.
Work went alright yesterday. I washed plates.
I ended up getting a B+ on the speech I did Monday. Not too bad.
I'm trying to tie up things with my car, but it seems that I need to be there when they pick it up, and I need to pay for the storage and tow at the same time. It's not looking like I'm going to get much more than the cost of keeping it at the yard this week. That really stinks. I just wish everything was over with. Oh, and I tried to call the owner of the yard about buying it himself, and he won't be in until the weekend. This is not a pleasant thing.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2000
Today was a pretty busy day, and I'd better get to bed soon, so this isn't going to be too long. The police called my house and said that there was a mistake and I wouldn't have to show up in court at all, just mail a copy of my ticket and a money order for the cost of the citation. That's good. My dad took care of that today. I called the place where my car got towed to figure out my options, and found out I'm being charged $10 a day to have my car there. Stink. So by tomorrow I should have it sold to some kind of salvage company. Hopefully. I also went down to get a job at the school cafeteria today. I went with Chris, and basically we walked in, found a manager, and then she asked us what shifts we could work. Somehow I expected more than that... There was also a Rho meeting tonight (I'm secretary so I have to take minutes) and we were trying to decide where to go for our Spring Party. Pittsburgh and Toronto were the highest-voted destinations. We're supposed to decide Thursday. Well, since this is getting unbearably long and it's getting pretty late, I will stop there and hope to post something tomorrow (well, later today, I guess).
posted by David Miller 2/1/2000 02:34:08 AM -LINK-

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