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Friday, December 24, 1999
Not much exciting to post here... been working the last couple of days, making the cash... also been learning how to sew, to make my Heather's Christmas present. I'm so domestic! Last night Heather picked me up from work and then we went to visit with my cousin and her husband, who I get to see about once every two years. So that was nice. A lot of the rest of my family was there, too. I'm done shopping for presents... I just have to wrap them (and finish Heather's). Oh, and my roommate is in Texas right now, so I'm pretty jealous. Of course, Mike lives there, so I'm constantly jealous of him. Okay, this is getting way too long and I need some sleep... It's Christmas Eve... how exciting!
posted by David Miller 12/24/1999 01:31:56 AM -LINK-

Tuesday, December 21, 1999
I thought I'd make this a separate post from the last one, since the tone is rather different. Today was my first day back at work (Family Christian Store #395, Mentor, Ohio) since Thanksgiving. Things went fairly smoothly and the day went by fast because of the business. I like working there, though it can get pretty hectic sometimes around Christmas. Not much else went one today, besides dealing with stuff from yesterday's accident. Alright... I'm out. Got to go pick out some Christmas gift suggestions. Too bad it's a little expensive to ask to get my car fixed...
posted by David Miller 12/21/1999 11:41:16 PM -LINK-

Okay... lot's of news. First of all: in case any of you thought it might be fun to rear-end someone and cause a 3-car (not including yourself) accident and cause $3500 worth of damage to your $5000 car, it's not. Just in case. Anyway, that's what happened to me on the way home from school yesterday. One of the very worst experiences of my life.
posted by David Miller 12/21/1999 11:36:52 PM -LINK-

Monday, December 20, 1999
Okay... I'm done with database. I was done in half an hour, while Chris and Mike took about an hour and a half. So I'm hoping that my short essay answers were acceptable. I'll be going home in a couple of hours... just have to get this presentation done. Argh. Then it's work, work, work starting tomorrow... I might not be able to do updates as often, but I'll try...
posted by David Miller 12/20/1999 11:33:40 AM -LINK-

Okay... it's about time to go to bed... cause I'm a little tired... Got a lot of work done on the presentation, might put some of it up on the webpage sometime. Mike did a good job with a flash presentation. Database didn't get as much love as I should've given it. I'm planning on getting up at 7 tomorrow to get some extra studying in. Hope it helps. Tomorrow is my last day of finals!
posted by David Miller 12/20/1999 02:03:09 AM -LINK-

Sunday, December 19, 1999
Much work on the Advertising project today. I'm making mock-ups for a billboard ad and a web banner ad.
posted by David Miller 12/19/1999 02:34:06 PM -LINK-

Saturday, December 18, 1999
Today I had one final, in International Politics. I'm not quite sure how I did, but I'm leaning towards the "not very well" end of the spectrum. I have a Database final on Monday at 9:00, and an Advertising Campaign presentation to do later that day.
posted by David Miller 12/18/1999 11:55:34 AM -LINK-

This is my first weblog, so we'll see how things go!
posted by David Miller 12/18/1999 11:11:58 AM -LINK-

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