D-Link DP-300U Print Server
Due to the problems I've had connecting printers directly to my last two motherboards (RIP), I decided to invest in a stand-alone print server. Amazon had the D-Link DP-300U, which handles three priters (two parallel and one USB) at a time, and works with most OS's. So far, I've only connected to it from my XP Pro box, but it's worked just fine. I've hooked up my HP LaserJet 4P and Canon S450 thusfar, and both are working superbly using the quick setup instructions included with the server. You can administer the server through an internal webpage, through Telnet, or using a few other methods. If you're looking for a decently priced, easy-to-setup print server with multiple ports, I give the DP-300U two thumbs up.
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