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Everytime I start a new hobby, my wife reminds me of how often I change my interests... and leave the previous ones in a pile somewhere around the house. In an Internet world, where there is so much information on any topic you're interested in, the data can get to be hard to collect an organize. I have paper notes, notes in my Palm, text files and spreadsheets scattered through my computer directories, data sheets in directories and binders, etc, etc, etc. So, I figured there must be something better.

Well, I found something better, in a tree-based note organizer. Not best, mind you, but better. At least now I can keep my notes in a single place, organized in a structured way, and even create links to external files, like spreadsheets. I'm thinking that eventually we'll all have to use a big document repository where we store all our emails, photos, videos, notes, and so on... where everything is easily searchable using multiple criteria, and documents are easily cross-referenced. In fact, I'm pretty sure they have those right now, and I'm also pretty sure I can't afford them.

What I did find was an open source project called KeyNote, which if an RTF based tree organizer and provides a pretty simple interface. There are some limitations, and I'm considering going with something Web-based instead, either Wiki-based or homemade or something else. I also found an interesting all-in-one project, HayStack, but it's still in development. SO, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
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