Websites for people who like books...
A friend at work emailed me a link to the Librivox.org site as a good place to download free audiobooks. I had already stumbled onto the site in my quest for a place to donate readings, but it got me thinking about some other book-related websites I've used.

The Internet Archive has some free recordings, including audio books. Oh, and Telltale Weekly has some free speeches, poems, and such, and has an interesting payment model for their non-free stuff.

Have I written about DailyLit.com? They send you a short section of a (public domain) book every day through email, or you can read it through an RSS feed. Since I get my email on my phone, I find it very convenient to read a short part of a book each day whenever I have a little bit of downtime. So far I've read Flatland, The Time Machine, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. I'm pretty sure it would have been decades before I got around to reading those books the traditional way.

Lastly, LibraryElf.com is a great service for sending reminder emails when your library books are due or a hold is available. It's saved me a couple of times from having grossly overdue books...
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