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Just some things
  • I'm currently reading A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge, which is the first fiction book I've read in a long time. I've found it pretty interesting, although it took a little while to get into it.
  • I'm also trying to learn some more CSS, so I can change the layout of my website from the nested nested nested tables to something a little more maleable.
  • I finally bought a USB Flash Drive... prices have finally come down for larger capacities, and I'd like to try installing Puppy Linux on one. (I also picked up some DVD+R's, since my DVD player was having a problem with my DVD-R's).
  • I've got this great idea to invent a pants zipper that tells you when it's been left down -- still working through the implementation
  • I'm having problems getting my new WinXP computer to talk to the other (non-XP) computers on my home network... (Chris) any (Chris) help (Chris) would (Chris) be (Chris) appreciated.
  • After blocking the referring IP of the comment-spammers, I'm still getting the spam. I put in a challenge field, right now with a text prompt, but if that doesn't work I'll have to do the yahoo groups kind of thing, with an image containing numbers. Grrr.
  • The following words are on my personal commonly misspelled words list: correlation, disastrous, homogeneous, monkeys, onomatopoeia, and superfluous

2004-11-08 16:24:36 EST

Other Visitor's Comments:

Since when do you need to spell monkeys? When do you spell it wrong? This sounds fishy!!!
2004-11-16 15:15:53

get on AIM sometime or call me ... I can prolly help ;-)
2004-11-17 17:03:27

hi um what r u takin bout dude werein 2007 not 1700s dude relax for the next few years ure goin tu die
-popola ninia
2007-05-14 18:42:27

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