Basil, the New Dog
The Friday before last, we went to the Ashtabula APL to look at the dogs, and found Basil (the APL named her Janet, but we've changed that...).

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As you can see, she's some type of hound/Beagle mix, so she fits in with Ziti -- big jowels, hound bump on the head, floppy ears, etc.

P.S. - The picture pile is courtesy of Picasa 2, which I have to say is a pretty stinkin' cool photo management app.
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You really shouldn't change her name; I assume she's grown used to it and responds to it.
2005-01-25 19:27:18
Actually, she was a stray, so the APL just named her "Janet" so people could remember if they saw her on the Internet. She's been answering to "Basil" very well in the two weeks we've had her.
2005-01-26 20:08:23
congrats... she looks like a pretty sweet doggy ;-) i have to say i'm a fan of both beagles and hounds... and that picture is great, i'm going to have to take a second look at Picasa. i tried version 1 and it was just OK.
2005-01-27 16:12:43

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