Rooting the LG Optimus V in Linux
I'm putting this together because I had a hard time finding the bits and pieces of info I needed to root an LG Optimus V in Linux, and I was hoping I could direct others to the sources of information I found most helpful...
  1. Download the Android SDK. You'll also need to launch the manager ("android" in the tools folder) and download the platform-tools package, which contains adb.
  2. I don't know if it's necessary or not, but this page has some instructions on restarting the adb server to be able to use it as a regular user. Note that the commands should action be "./adb kill-server" and "./adb start-server"
  3. This post has some instructions on pushing and running the psneuter exploit. I grabbed psneuter out of the SuperOneClick package. Note that the instructions for remounting the filesystem differ from the Optimus-specific instructions I found, so I only link this page for the psneuter instruction.
  4. The most comprehensive post I found specific to the LG Optimus V was here. It's basically a copy of a post from AndroidCentral, but you don't have to register to use the links. There's also a zip file attached to this page containing the "su" and "busybox" files you'll need to push. Use steps four and five from this post.
Using these instructions, you should be able to successfully get permanent root access to your Optimus V in Ubuntu Linux.

(Note that there's always a change you'll brick your phone by doing something stupid, so using any of the instructions posted or linked to in this post are completely at your own risk.)
2011-06-12 15:54:09 EST