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***DJMJR's Set-Up***

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I currently have a computer-based automation system run by the FREE Open-Source MisterHouse program. This PERL-based project allows unlimited customization, and has a great main programmer and open-source community. While this does impose a bit of a learning curve (esp. for those not familiar with PERL), the price and expandability can't be beat. Also, if you're looking for a really pretty user interface, this ain't it (part of the price paid for the extreme portability of the code)... but it is very customizeable, and can be accessed through a window or a web-based interface. If you're interested in the many features of the MisterHouse program, please visit the MisterHouse website.
The items I currently have controlled via X-10 modules are:Torch and plant lights give nice indirect lighting I am currently using the CM11 Activehome interface from X-10. I'm currently trying to inexpensively increase my collection of modules, controllers, and accessories. Pretty soon I'll be married and living in an apartment... and you can be sure I'll be working on getting it automated!

My previous Home Automation (usually dedicated) server was a Compaq Armada 1510DM laptop:
  • 120 MHz Pentium
  • 48 MB RAM
  • 1 Gig HD
  • Onboard Sound, Video, and modem
  • Compaq Netelligent 10/100 PCMCIA NIC
  • OS: Windows 95
I found the setup to be more than adequate in running MisterHouse (although Text To Speech and Voice Recognition are a bit wanting). However, I have moved to a recently aquired P160 desktop, mainly just so HA operations won't cease whenever I have to take my laptop with me. The current setup is:
  • Pentium 166 MMX
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 500 MB IDE Hard Drive
  • Yamaha Chipset Sound Card
  • Generic ISA Modem
  • LinkSys PCI NIC
My Machines
The main functions I currently use in MisterHouse are: I hope to soon implement:

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