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Saturday, November 3, 2001

Mr. Happy makes me laugh
The ill-fated band Mr. Happy and His Tickle Party lives on in the playlists of folks who don't know better. The proof? I found THIS PAGE listing "stations" playing Mr. Happy songs. My favorite is "Punk Station Deluxified" which has this quote for the "duplex cookie song": "While I don't really like their songs... They suck almost as bad as mine do... I do like the band name. So it earns a spot on my list."

I think we can all understand that...
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Amateur Radio
On a whim, I decided to try to get my Amateur Radio Technician license. I should be taking the test December 1st. I'm already most of the way through the ARRL study guide for the test, and I passed a practice test with an 83.3%. Mostly what got me interested in getting my license was the APRS aspect, and its integration into the MisterHouse HA system. Anyway, I'll post my callsign when I get it. Cause you care.
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