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Matrix XR
Friday night we picked up the Matrix. It took quite a bit of haggling over the trade and such, but we finally came out with a deal we could feel okay about. I still have to get the windows tinted, which I'll have them do sometime this week. I'll also have pictures soon, as I want some before the tinting, and before I remove the badges off the rear.

Some sites I've been visiting recently: MatrixOwners.com, MatrixVibe.net, and the Matrix Yahoo Group.
Posted by djmjr @ 04:10 PM EST

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I'm an idiot. You said pictures are coming. Geez, I suck.
Posted by Mike C @ 06/23/2002 01:41 PM EST

How 'bout a picture of your new big bad matrix for your loyal fans? Throw us a friggin' bone here!
Posted by Mike C @ 06/23/2002 01:39 PM EST

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