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I have reason to believe that Eric Douglas is an elf. My logic is as follows:

1) Eric eats off of Christmas plates all year long, obviously unable to control his inborn holiday spirit.

2) Eric, a bachelor, has more than 1 full set of Christmas plates.

3) Eric does not use the heat in his home, giving testimony to his comfort in cold climates (**cough**, North Pole, **cough**).

4) Eric has had many "business trips" to "California" and "other places". Could it be that he was really busy helping Santa?

5) Eric's roommate is Mike Campanella -- who bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Clause. In fact, I believe I have some pictures attesting to that very fact. I'm not implying that Mike is Santa himself... I just think it makes Eric feel at home being around someone who looks like the "big guy".

6) Eric used to play music for a band named Mr. Happy & His Tickle Party, which obviously would spread joy and good cheer to (deaf) children everywhere.

Now, I have heard some of some people suspecting Mike of being an elf, or even my former roommate Ben... but alas, small stature an elf does not make...
Posted by djmjr @ 06:17 PM EST

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It's true, it's true. He even runs around the apartment in green tights. It's quite embarassing, but what can you do? It's in his genes I guess.
Posted by mike @ 12/26/2001 10:58 PM EST

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