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Life Here
It's good, yo. I'm almost done with my training at Progressive. It's been a real fun time. My co-trainees are all really nice and the trainers are great. No complaints here. Next Friday I'll be taking actual live calls, so that'll be exciting.

Being married is great. I'm so happy that I found Heather so early in my life.

This website format hasn't been updated for awhile, I know... I'm busy. I work 11:30-8:15 every day, and Heather usually works from 8:00-5:30. But I'll try to update when I get a chance.

That's all for now... I have to go drop stuff off at the library...
Posted by djmjr @ 09:35 AM EST

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i miss you
Posted by orion @ 08/03/2001 09:59 PM EST

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